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University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Basketball Coach Brian Wardle Accused of Abusing Players

A former member of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay basketball team has accused the squad’s head coach of abusing players.

In a very detailed conversation with the Green Bay Press Gazette, Ryan Bross charged Brian Wardle with verbally abusing him, forcing him to have sex because it would improve his play, and refusing to give him a break from practice when he got sick. The former walk-on insists that during one particular insistence when Wardle refused to give him a break, he lost control of his bowels.  

“I came back down, and I told them I was not feeling well again, and (Wardle) made me run another hill again because he told me that I was being a baby,” Bross said.

Another former player, Brennan Cougill, echoed Bross’ sentiments. His mother accused Wardle of ignoring her son’s depression when dealing with him.

For what it’s worth, though, Wardle categorically rejects any and all suggestions that he was abusive towards his players.

“I can assure you the well-being of my players is foremost in my mind at all times,” he said in a statement. “I cannot comment on the specific allegations under federal privacy laws. I can say the version of events (the Press Gazette is) reporting is inaccurate.”

As a result of these accusations, both internal and external investigations have been launched into how the 33-year-old coach conducts himself.

Sources: ESPN, Green Bay Press Gazette


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