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University of Western Ontario Cheerleaders Fined $140 for Causing a 'Nuisance' in Parking Lot

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University of Western Ontario’s head cheerleader Max Gow was fined $140 after police said his squad created a nuisance in the streets before a homecoming game.

The cheerleaders were hoping to entertain fans and raise spirits before the game, you know, because they're cheerleaders. Three males on the team were reportedly throwing a female teammate in the air to attract attention.

Unfortunately, their antics apparently included a lot of standing in the way of passing cars. Because of that, police decided to end the excitement.

The $140 fine outraged coach David-Lee Tracey, who called the ticket the “single dumbest act” he had seen in his 33-year career.

“'Go ‘Strangs Go’ is now a public offense,” he said. “Since when is it against the law to yell your school name?”

Tracey noted that the team has received a lot of support from Twitter and plans to challenge the ticket.

“It’s homecoming," he added. "Are we not supposed to generate spirit? We’re the cheerleading team for goodness sake."

Local police have paid special attention to “quality of life issues” recently as part of the police department’s Project L.E.A.R.N. campaign.

The campaign targeted geographic areas traditionally plagued with “nuisance type behaviors” and ended Sunday.

Sources: MSN, DailyMail


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