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University of South Carolina Gives Baseball Fans a Little Gift

Kudos to the University of South Carolina for moving the students from the outfield bleacher section to Section 1 of Carolina Stadium for this upcoming baseball season.

In The Daily Gamecock, the school's student operated paper, there is a great story on how this good idea came about to bring the students in closer to the action.  There will still be 750 student tickets available for each game and the Section 1 will be first-come, first-serve.

Smart move for all parties and it really makes sense. Should be fun to watch how the students get involved in games now that they are a little closer.

To that point, what should they be called?  You know the student section at basketball games is called the "garnet army" so what should this student section be referred to as?  Maybe the "Garnet Hecklers?"

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