NFL: Union Applies for Decertification


Many have wondered why OTR has been so quiet on the whole NFL labor union problems. Well, frankly, we think that it’s boring. It’s back and forth with stupid BS and we’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do that and we want more and blah blah blah.

While it’s clearly a huge issue, we just haven’t felt like passing along the back and forth stuff.

Now, we’ve got something to mention. As of 5 P.M. today, the NFL player’s union has filed for decertification. What’s that mean? It means this thing is headed to court and will get ugly. If you don’t have a union, then you can’t be locked out. This is the players’ attempt to get the NFL owners on the hook for putting a halt to business.

The move came a little while after the players side demanded the last 10 years of audited financial information.

I spoke to a former player last night who, while he wants to get a deal done that’s fair to the players, also made a great point about this demand in particular. If I own 32 7-Eleven’s across the country, should I have to show my employees my financial records? Hell no.

We’ll see what happens here. At least we have the draft to look forward to.


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