Unfair? Cowboys Play Eagles After Philly Bye Week

The Dallas Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, with the Eagles getting an extra week of rest following its bye week. This is completely unfair to the Cowboys. Something should be done about this, and there is an easy fix that would be fair for all teams.

The Cowboys, of course, are not the only team victimized by this scheduling -- many teams who play on Sunday have to face a well-rested team after its bye week. And getting the extra rest does not guarantee a win -- Dallas blew that game to the Patriots despite the previous week off. In this case, however, the Cowboys have to play a division game, which is always a tough assignment.

In a game so important to divisional races, it is just not fair for one team to have an advantage of being rested and healthy. The fix is so simple I'm stunned the NFL hasn't done it.

All the league has to do is to schedule byes for the entire division in the same week. Then after the bye, the four teams each play a divisional game. They have to play each other twice every season anyway; why not have one of those games after a bye week?

This is just common sense. So what are the odd the league does it?

To make matters worse, the Cowboys have to face the Eagles in Philadelphia. How unfair is that? Not only do the Eagles have an extra week off, they don't even have to travel.

Speaking of dumb scheduling, the Cowboys don't play the Giants until week 14, and then play them again four weeks later. The same thing happened last year with the Eagles. If teams have to play their divisional rivals twice every season, doesn't it make sense to space those games out instead of backloading them towards the end of the season?


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