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Packers' Brandon Underwood May Face Prostitution Charges

It was recently reported that Green Bay Packers second-year CB Brandon Underwood was being accused of sexual assault. Two women claim that he assaulted him while he and other Packers players were away at a golf outing.

Well, it looks like Underwood won’t be charged with sexual assault (always a good thing we guess), but that he could be charged with solicitation of prostitution, sources tell Bill Michaels of 620 WTMJ.

It seems that Underwood met the two broads at a strip club and got them to come home with him. We’ll let Michaels tell the rest of the story:

Underwood met the two women at Chubby’s, a gentleman’s club outside of the Lake Delton area. Underwood solicited one or both of the women to return to his room. While an encounter between Underwood and one of the women was taking place, the other woman in question attempted to rob the Packers player. Once she was discovered, the two women were thrown out of the condo. That’s when the two women called police and reported the assault. The two women in question were seen laughing and “carrying on” after wards by witnesses.

What a load of crap. So you two pieces of human waste decided to accuse this guy of rape when in reality you just got caught trying to steal from the guy. These two women can rot in hell for all we care. That is deplorable behavior; we’d expect a little more class out of hookers.

So now they are facing prostitution charges as well (how did that little rape game work out for you?), but that’s not enough in our opinion. We really believe that false rape accusations should come with a very, very serious jail sentence.


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