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Under Oath: Pitino Says Sexual Encounter Lasted 15 Seconds

Apparently, Ricky P could have two sexual encounters during one of his 30-second timeouts.

Although UofL basketball coach Rick Pitino may like to bring the full-court press for 40 minutes, when it comes to extra marital affairs, he can only last about 15 seconds.

This much was determined yesterday when Slick Rick took the stand in the Karen Sypher extortion trial. Pitino stated under oath that their sexual tryst at Porcini’s restaurant lasted all of about 15 seconds.

According to his testimony, Pitino and a group of friends were at Porcini’s restaurant, when Sypher approached their table and asked Pitino to wish her son a happy birthday on the phone. Pitino obliged, but supposedly things didn’t start to get hot and heavy until most of the crew had left for the evening.

At that point, Pitino, his DD, and Sypher had the place to themselves, and when he was getting ready to leave, Sypher apparently paid special attention to Ricky’s midsection. Pitino stated on the stand that the entire sexual encounter “took less than 15 seconds.”

Great stuff. If Missy Elliot and Trina don’t want no one-minute man, how do you think they would feel about this wanna-be Italian lover?

Pitino’s extortion trial has earned him the nickname ‘Ricky Three Bills’, as he allegedly paid Sypher $3,000 for insurance once she knew she was pregnant, that way she could seek counseling and go through with an abortion, if she so chose.

Kentucky Sports Radio is all over it as far as coverage goes, so click over to their site for some hilarious testimony. Pitino is being cross examined by the prosecution today, so it’s hard telling what further details may come to the forefront. Perhaps Pitino also started to cry after the encounter, or confessed to Karen that despite his popularity, he “just doesn’t feel loved by anyone.”

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