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UNC Academic Scandal: Football Player's Short Paper Gets 'A'

A short paper that reportedly got an University of North Carolina (UNC) football player an "A-minus" grade made the rounds on the web today.

The one-paragraph paper was originally posted on Twitter and appears to back up an academic scandal at UNC that was brought to light by former professor Mary Willingham and former student Deunta Williams, notes

"Some of these [college] students could read at a second or third grade level," Willingham told ESPN. "Students were taking classes that really didn't exist. They were called independent studies at that time and they just had to write a paper... There was no attendance."

Williams confirmed that these "easy paper classes" exist and were pointed out to students by their academic advisors.

"Their job isn't necessarily to make Deunta Williams a better person, a smarter person," Williams told ESPN. "Their job is to make sure I'm eligible to play."

Back in January, former UNC football player Michael McAdoo also claimed that there were easy classes for football players, which were promoted by academic advisors.

“They pretty much put me in that class,” McAdoo told “They pretty much told me... that I might want to consider that class and I really don’t have much time to think about it, so [I might] want to take that class while it was available.”

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