The Ultimate Fighter Live Round-by-Round Review: Justin Lawrence vs. John Cofer


Justin Lawrence vs. John Cofer

Round 1: Sidekick from Lawrence gets caught and Cofer takes him to the ground. Lawrence now grabs a leg and takes Cofer to the ground before letting his opponent stand. Left hand catches Lawrence and sends him backwards. Cofer now gaining confidence and comes in with another combination. Nice counter from Lawrence as the two clinch briefly. Lawrence now with another good left hook counter as he starts to get the better of the exchanges. More of what we expected in this matchup.

Fightline scores the round 10-9 for Lawrence

Round 2: The two continue to throw but very little landing. Lawrence initiating most of the exchanges and landing some nice left hooks. Mixing up his punches nicely. Lawrence with another quick barrage as he gets to Cofer a little faster. Cofer is throwing a little more often but landing less. Cofer showing a good chin and looks resilient. Cofer locks up a takedown and now has his back. Cofer almost had a rear naked choke but lost position as Lawrence ends up in top position.

Fightline scores the round 10-9 for Lawrence

Round 3: Lawrence sets up a combination and finishes with a clean right head kick that lands right on the button. Huge KO for Lawrence.

Justin Lawrence defeated John Cofer via KO at 0:47 in the third round.

Justin Lawrence proves himself as one of the most promising fighters this season. The kid has serious power with his strikes and took advantage of a game Cofer.

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