The Ultimate Fighter Live: Episode Seven Review


We're in the seventh week of The Ultimate Fighter: Live, with Friday night's episode to feature the sixth bout in the tournament's first round. Team Faber's John Cofer will be taking on Team Cruz's Vinc Pichel with the aim of making it three in a row for Team Faber.

Episode 7

Cruz and Faber get into it when Faber encourages Chris Tickle while Cruz criticizes the fighter in the hallway following his loss to Joe Proctor.

Some of Mike Chiesa's teammates worry that he'll funnel information to his good friend Sam Sicilia on Team Cruz. Dun-dun-dun, sounds like foreshadowing. Guess not; Chiesa clears things up later.

Weigh-ins - Pichel: 154lbs, Cofer: 156lbs.

Dana White comes in to give the boys a f***-laden pep talk.

John Cofer vs. Vinc Pichel

Round 1: A glove touch gets us started. Cofer gets off first with a solid overhand left hand; he closes the distance but can't get the takedown. Pichel sticks Cofer with a counter right hand. Cofer moving very well on his feet, making Pichel miss on the mahority of his strikes and countering well. Pichel still getting in some licks though. Halfway mark and neither man is running away with this one, though Cofer has been landing more frequently. Cofer stringing his punches together now. Cofer catches a kick and tries for the single leg. Pichel defends and they go back to exchanging. Cofer tries for another takedown is denied. He lands a smacking head kick and presses Pichel into the cage, tagging him with a right hand on the break. Pichel comes after him with some steam right before the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Cofer

Round 2: Cofer drops Pichel right off the bat with a straight left hand. Pichel recovers well and tags Cofer. A wild exchange is interrupted when Cofer loses his mouthpiece. Pichel catches Cofer on his way in with a one-two, but Cofer continues pressing forward and lands with a pair of his own. Cofer with a left hook. Pichel with a right hand. Cofer shoots for the takedown again and Pichel defends. They fight against the cage before Pichel breaks, lands a few strikes and shoots for a takedown of his own. Cofer defends initially, but then gets slammed hard to the mat. Pichel has him against the cage. Cofer throws up his legs for the triangle. They end up in an awkward position, where Pichel is essentially sitting on Cofer's face as Cofer ties him up with his legs. Both men landing ineffectual punches to the body from north-south position; Cofer on the bottom. Cofer rolls to his knees at the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Pichel

Sudden victory.

Round 3: Pichel teeing off on Cofer, has Cofer fighting with his back on the cage. Pichel drops for the takedown and quickly takes side control after hitting it. Pichel obviously sets up the arm triangle, but Cofer can't stop it and is forced to tap quickly.

Vinc Pichel defeated John Cofer via submission (arm triangle) in :44 of round 3

Team Cruz is now in control of the match up selection, with Cruz choosing Sam Sicilia from his team to take on Team Faber's Chris Saunders.

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