The Ultimate Fighter Live: Episode 8 Review and Recap


It's time again for FightLine's coverage of The Ultimate Fighter Live; now in week eight, we'll be seeing Team Cruz's Sam Sicilia face off against Team Faber's Chris Saunders in the second-to-last quarter-final matchup. The fight will also break the tie between the two teams.

Episode 8

Coach Cruz brings in Strikeforce women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey (first female guest coach on TUF!) to teach the boys some judo. The consensus is that she's a badass.

The coaching staffs of both teams and Ronda Rousey head to the TUF house to watch UFC 145. It's awkward.

There are some scantily clad antics from Team Faber before the weigh-ins. Sam Sicilia (155) vs. Chris Saunders (155).

Sam Sicilia vs. Chris Saunders

Round 1: Sicilia comes out with his hands low, throwing heavy leather. They clinch with Saunders' back against the fence. Saunders working some decent knees as they battle for position. Sicilia charges in and Saunders catches him off balance for a takedown. Sicilia is quickly back to his feet. Sicilia with a takedown; Saunders pops right back up. Saunders backs Sicilia off with good knees from the clinch. Saunders with a mean leg kick. Saunders sends Sicilia face first to the mat with a head kick, but Sicilia somehow manages to recover and grab hold of Saunders. Saunders separates and goes to work, landing a volley of punches and a solid leg kick. Sicilia moving forward now and swinging hard, mostly touching air. They clinch. Sicilia threatens the takedown but Saunders ends up grating him on the fence and working elbows. Sicilia knocks a tired Saunders off balance. Saunders gets wobbled at the end as he sloppily moves forward with a knee.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Saunders

Round 2: Both men are tired, but Sicilia comes out throwing hard punches anyway. Saunders with a well-timed uppercut. A right straight for Saunders. Saunders moving much better, making Sicilia miss and countering well. Sicilia engages the clinch behind a few punches and a knee. Saunders working knees as Sicilia thinks about what to do. Saunders breaks away. Saunders with a head kick that's partially blocked. Sicilia lands a hard punch and charges forward swinging from the hip. Saunders clinches him and takes him down. He gives up position though and Sicilia makes him pay for it with a few knees and some punches. Saunders shoots and gets stuffed. Sicilia going for the single leg; Saunders hits the switch and lands a knee to the body. Saunders takes Sicilia's back, but gives up position again and is forced to stand. Siclia walking Saunders down. Saunders lands a nice combo before getting dropped with a big left. Saunders recovers and manages to take Sicilia down as he comes in to finish him off. Saunders on top now, working ground and pound. Less than a minute to go. Saunders threatens to take the back, but gives up position and has to stand up. He lands a weak elbow from the clinch. Sicilia swinging home run bombs and missing. Saunders with a pair of knees from the clinch and a three-piece before the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Sicilia

Chris Saunders defeated Sam Sicilia via split decision

The next fight is already determined, Andy Ogle vs. Mike Rio. That's it, now get outta here.

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