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The Ultimate Fighter Live: Episode 10 Complete Breakdown

It's time once again for FightLine's coverage of The Ultimate Fighter: Live, with this week featuring the first two quarterfinal match ups, between Team Faber's Michael Chiesa and Team Cruz's Justin Lawrence, Team Cruz's James Vick and Team Faber's Joe Proctor.

Episode Ten

UFC president Dana White brings in the coaches and the fighters with the bad news that Dominick Cruz has torn his ACL in training and won't be able to face Urijah Faber this summer. As we all know, Cruz will stay on as a coach and Faber will likely fight for the interim title. White says he'll reveal Faber's opponent next week.

"Doctor says six to nine months, I say four," Cruz says in reference to his projected recovery.

So that's that, on to the fights.

I guess we're skipping the weigh-ins this week, we'll just assume these guys hit their mark.

Joe Proctor vs. James Vick

Round 1: Vick feinting, looking for an opening. Proctor all defense so far. He plays at takedown. Vick corners Proctor with a stiff combo that touches the body and head. Vick using his distance well, showing some nice footwork. Proctor finally shoots and Vick denies him swiftly. Proctor tries for a guillotine from the clinch, but Vick shuts it down. Faber calls for offense and Proctor cracks Vick with a right hand. Vick sticks out his tongue and comes back with a solid combo. Both men are starting to open up, with Vick putting together the more effective offense. Vick mixing kicks in with his assault to good effect, landing frequently to the body. Vick has landed two solid right hands that each knock Proctor's head back. Proctor looking out of his depth on the feet, but he's coming forward. Both men have drawn blood.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Vick

Round 2: Vick keeping Proctor right in his range, moving and countering well. Proctor shoots for the takedown after Vick pressures on the feet. He slams Vick, but Vick is quick to stand. Proctor threatens with a D'arce choke, but Vick defends and reverses, taking top position on Proctor. Vick backs off and Proctor stands, but Vick makes him pay for it with a nice combo against the cage. Proctor moves off the fence, but Vick is eating him up on the feet now, landing frequently with punches and kicks. Proctor scoring with an inside leg kick. They clinch, with Vick backing Proctor to the cage. Vick disengages. Proctor lands a hard right, another. Ten seconds left and Proctor is coming on. Vick counters well and keeps him at bay until the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Vick

James Vick defeated Joe Proctor via unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)

And, moving right along:

Justin Lawrence vs. Michael Chiesa

Round 1: They touch gloves and Lawrence ends up off balance quick. Chiesa follows him down, but Lawrence pops up quick. Chiesa stays on him though and drags him down by taking his back standing. Lawrence threatening to take top position; he does and goes to work from Chiesa's guard against the fence. Chiesa active from his back, threatening with submissions. Chiesa preventing Lawrence from putting much offense together from the top. Chiesa threatens with the kimura, but Lawrence defends. Chiesa landing short elbows to the side of the head. Chiesa threatening the kimura again. He rests and Lawrence fights free of it. Faber urges him to work. Chiesa working for a triangle; he locks it up, but Lawrence is defending well. Chiesa working elbows and punches from his back.

Round 2: Lawrence keeping his range well so far, throwing kicks. Chiesa engaging, but taking the worst of it. Chiesa's technique standing up is a little wide open, but he lands a solid right hand behind a body kick. Chiesa catches a leg and goes for the takedown. Lawrence defends well, but Chiesa keeps him grated against the cage. Chiesa disengages. Halfway mark; Chiesa isn't scoring much, but he's keeping Lawrence stymied with forward pressure. Chiesa lands a jumping knee to the body. Chiesa shoots and gets stuffed easily. Lawrence putting some punches together. Chiesa covering up. Faber calls for the takedown. Lawrence drops him with a liver shot and Chiesa grabs for the kimura when Lawrence follows him down. Lawrence backs out when Chiesa goes for a leg, but jumps back in to guard. Lawrence ends the round on top, throwing punches.

Round 3: Both men come out swinging, Lawrence lands harder. Lawrence gets a takedown of of a high knee from Chiesa. Chiesa sweeps into mount and lets loose with ground and pound. Chiesa pounding away, Lawrence just taking it. The ref's seen enough and steps in to save Lawrence.

Lawrence takes a long time and needs a lot of help getting to his feet. Awesome showing by Chiesa, pulling off the upset.

Michael Chiesa defeated Justin Lawrence via TKO (strikes) at 1:02 of round 3

Dana White announces next week's quarterfinal match ups:

-Vinc Pichel (TC) vs. Chris Saunders (TF)
-Al Iaquinta (TF) vs. Andy Ogle (TF)

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