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The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale Round-by-Round Review: Dustin Poirier vs. Jonathan Brookins

The first fight on the main card sees featherweights Dustin Poirier (12-2) vs. Jonathan Brookins (13-5).

Round 1: They touch gloves. Brookins with a big right hand. He has Poirier against the cage and is teeing off, but Brookins is swinging back. Poirier has the back. He lets go. Brookins has him against the cage again and connects with some punches.

Back at the center of the Octagon and a right hook by Poirier. Brookins grabs a leg and pushes him against the cage. Poirier powers out of it. Some shots to the head by Poirier and he looks to take control on the cage. Brookins looks to go to the ground and Piorier catches him in a choke. He locks in the D'arce choke and Brookins taps quickly.

Dustin Poirier defeated Jonathan Brookins via submission (D'arce choke) at 4:15 of round 1

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