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Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale Weigh-in Results

All the TUF 14 fighters made weight for tomorrow’s finale but Coach Michael Bisping had to use the towel and was still a quarter pound heavy. His opponent Jason “Mayhem” Miller made weight and told Joe Rogan that the “time for talking is over” after the weigh-ins. The lovable Bisping took is anger towards Miller out on the fans.

“I couldn’t give a fuck about getting love; all I care about is smashing this dick heads face in. Fuck you all,” backed Bisping in response to Miller.

The two will step into the octagon tomorrow, but first Bisping will need to shed that extra quarter pound.

Main card

185 lbs.: Jason Miller (185.5 lbs.) vs. Michael Bisping (186.25 lbs.)

145 lbs. TUF Finale: Dennis Bermudez (146 lbs.) vs. Diego Brandao (145 lbs.)

135 lbs. TUF Finale: John Dodson (134 lbs.) vs. T.J. Dillashaw (135.5 lbs.)

155 lbs.: Yves Edwards (155 lbs.) vs. Tony Ferguson (155.5 lbs.)

135 lbs.: Johnny Bedford (136 lbs.) vs. Louis Gaudinot (136 lbs.)

Preliminary card

145 lbs.: Stephen Bass (145 lbs.) vs. Marcus Brimage (143 lbs.)

135 lbs.: John Albert (136 lbs.) vs. Dustin Pague (136 lbs.)

135 lbs.: Josh Ferguson (134 lbs.) vs. Roland Delorme (136 lbs.)

145 lbs.: Josh Clopton (144 lbs.) vs. Steven Siler (146 lbs.)

145 lbs.: Dustin Neace (145.5 lbs.) vs. Bryan Caraway (145 lbs.)

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