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The Ultimate Fighter 14: Episode 9 Recap

Not a lot to talk about on a very vanilla TUF.  Here is the recap from tonight’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter 14: Miller vs. Bisping:

Dustin Pague shows his kind side by giving a homeless man a bag of goodies.  It’s a really solid move for anyone to do.

Pague has a tough semi-final bout against TJ Dillashaw.  While Dillashaw looked like an early favorite it’s hard not to see Pague possibly springing the upset.

Jason Miller brings over food for the house and convinces Pague to eat a handful of bugs for $60 dollars.  Yeah, you heard that right, $60 to eat a couple of bugs.  There are the things that happen in the Ultimate Fighter house.

This season’s coaches challenge is an air hockey battle between head coaches Jason Miller and Michael Bisping.  The winner of the challenge wins $10,000 and each guy on his team wins $1,500.  So, the stakes are considerably high for this air hockey battle.

Bisping beats the hell out of Miller at air hockey but falls and busts his ass in his gloating so karma came back.

TJ Dillashaw did what many expected him to do and completely dominated Pague over the course of their fight.  Not that Pague wasn’t game, it was just at this time Dillashaw’s wrestling and tenacity were too much.


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