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The Ultimate Fighter 14 Episode 8 Recap

As we near the end of the season tempers begin to get tested.  Here is the recap from tonight’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter 14: Miller vs. Bisping:

It looks like the house has begun to get divided as like personalities begin to form cliques with one another, regardless of team affiliation.

Akira Corassani ups the ante in his beef with Bryan Caraway when Corassani takes the hair clippers to Caraway’s head while he is sleeping.  The end result is a shaved bald spot in the front of Caraway’s head which prompts some bloodlust from the Team Miller fighter.  On edge, Caraway’s roommates barricade the door to their room.  Overkill?  Yeah, maybe a bit.

Team Bisping’s coaches devise a plan to pull another prank on Team Miller and enact it by spraying fire extinguishers into Team Miller’s dressing room.  Topping the prank off is the fact that Team Bisping even hired a mariachi band to provide a musical soundtrack.  As far as pranks go on TUF, this was a classic.

Johnny Bedford of Team Miller is not amused by Team Bisping’s antics.  One could see why given that his semifinal fight against John Dodson was looming close.

Despite Akira having a game plan of his own, Bisping puts him through a grueling jiu-jitsu training where his teammates tag team him in grappling drills.  Akira, a stand up fighter, is not exactly thrilled with the drill.

Akira’s doodles poking fun of Dennis Bermudez seems to have awakened a bit of a mean streak in the usually quiet wrestler.  Knowing Akria’s skills are on his feet, Coach Miller sets about drilling some kickboxing for Bermudez.

Bisping prods Miller by demanding that Miller not be allowed to bring his dog to the gym.  It’s sort of a dick move really.

So the fight went down like this:  Akira rocks Bermudez on multiple occasions but eventually Bermudez catches Akira in a guillotine that ended the fight.  Akira was choked unconscious to the point that he had no idea that he even lost.


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