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The Ultimate Fighter 14 Episode 7 Recap

Below is the recap from tonight’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter 14:

Roland Delorme’s foot looks like its about to give birth.  Apparently it is some sort of infection but the thing looks f-ing disgusting.

Coach Jason Miller brings in his Muay Thai coach Rafael Cordeiro, founder of Chute Boxe Academy in Brazil.  When you speak of legends in coaching, Cordeiro is who you speak of.

Not to me outdone, Coach Michael Bisping brings in a special guest of his own, the one and only Tito Ortiz.  Tito drills the guys in the finer points of ground and pound while the camera catches the starstruck faces of Team Bisping.

Dissension arises in Team Bisping as TJ Dillashaw’s comments and superiority complex has riled the ire of some of his fellow teammates.  TJ did pull a “bitch move” by requesting an easier fight against Delorme and it’s good to see his teammates call him out on it.

As a means to teach Dillashaw a lesson his teammates Diego Brandao and Akira Corassani devise a plan to go exceptionally hard at him during practice.  Understandably, Dillashaw gets pissed but takes out his aggression on Marcus Brimage who fires right back as tempers hit a boiling point.  Dillashaw comes off looking like a crybaby as his teammates were playing too rough.

Delorme gets cleared to fight despite his foot growing another body on it.

More pranks from Team Miller as Mayhem surrounds Team Bisping’s coach Tiki Goshn’s car with concrete highway dividers.

TJ Dillashaw may be the most complete fighter on the show right now and training with Team Alpha Male in Sacramento only validates his credentials.  In his fight with Delorme  it was clear that Dillashaw was simply on another level as he beat the living hell out of him over the course of the two rounds.  I give Delorme credit for being a tough S.O.B but damn, this fight was all Dillashaw.

The semi-final match ups are mulled over and it’s telling that Johnny Bedford seems eager to to fight his teammate John Dodson.  Dodson, as you may recall, was the Team Miller fighter who was more than happy to be a mole for Team Bisping.

Semi-final match ups are TJ Dillashaw (who again doesn’t want to fight the toughest guy in his weight class) against Dustin Pague.  John Dodson and Johnny Bedford are matched up.  At featherweight: Akira Corassani will fight Dennis Bermudez and Diego Brandao against Bryan Caraway.


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