The Ultimate Fighter 14: Episode 5 Recap

Here we go, your recap of The Ultimate Fighter 14:

Coach Millar and Steven Silar determine that John Dodson is the mole who has been ratting out Team Miller’s game plans to Team Bisping so they hatch a plan to throw them off.  As Diego and Silar have traded verbal barbs back and forth, many thought that they were going to be the nex to fight.  Instead, Team Miller plans to put Diego on ice for another week but the move is a secret as Team Bisping ebelve that Diego is the next fight.

Team Bisping gets the bad intel from Dodson and believe that Diego Brandao is fighting next.  A wound up Brandao is then shown going “Beast Mode” in training.

Josh Ferguson feels that his “swagger” was jacked by Dustin Neace who has begun to rock a cowboy hat with the letter “B” on it (the “B” stands for beast.  Wish I was making that up).  Fed up, Ferguson takes Neace’s hat while Neace is sleeping and hides it.  Neace thinks that Akira Corassani is behind the theft of his hat and in retaliation destroys Akira’s stuff and throws his training equipment all over the locker room.

Understandably, Akira takes offense to this and challenges Neace to a bare-knuckle fist fight in the house’s garden.  Yes, you read that correctly, a bare-knuckle fight in a garden was the gauntlet thrown down.

Not surprising, Akira and Neace are picked to fight.  Tempers boil over and the two get into a fight at the fight announcement.  After a melee ensues, Bipsing and Miller start screaming at each other and pushing one another.  In one word: chaos.

Coach Miller calls out Dodson on his being two-faced.  Though, Dodson seems to have no care.  Damn rat.

More product placement as Bisping arrives to the weigh-ins late in, yep,  a Dodge Charger.

Controversy surrounds the Akira – Neace fight at it appeared that Akira may have tapped to a heel hook in the first round.  The ref didn’t stop the fight and Akira claimed to not have tapped so the fight was able to continue.  Akira would rally back to get the decision victory for Team Bisping’s first victory.

Adding insult to injury, Miller’s car gets towed for being in a handicap space.  Though, let’s be real, how often is your car automatically towed for parking in a handicapped space ON PRIVATE PROPERTY!


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