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The Ultimate Fighter 14: Episode 4 Recap

I hate to admit it but this season of The Ultimate Fighter may be enough to bring me back as a fan.  It’s amazing how much more enjoyable the show is when you have dynamic coaches and fighters on it.  Just saying…

-  The episode begins with Team Bisping hearing through the Team Miller mole (John Dodson) that Stephan Bass will be the next fight against Dennis Bermudez.  Using this info, Bisping drills Bass hard, perhaps too hard as Bass ends up with a black eye training with him.

-  Coach Michael Bisping was a no show at the fight selection.  This seems to disappoint his team.  Mayhem Miller wastes no time to rub salt in their wounds by insinuating that Bisping doesn’t care about his team.

-  Since this episode will feature two fights we are already seeing Bass (Team Bisping) and Bermudez (Team Miller) make their way to the cage in the featherweight fight of the night.  In the classic wrestler vs. striker match once again it was the wrestler (Bermudez) who emerged victorious as he simply beat the hell out of Bass over two rounds.  I have to admire the guile of Bass but he was simply beaten to a pulp.  Though, this led to a classic moment of Bisping yelling, “Get the f**k up!” as Bermudez was controlling Bass on the ground throughout the fight.

-  The next fight is announced and Dustin Pague (Team Miller) will take one Louis Gaudinot (Team Bisping).

-  Stephan Bass catches the wrath of his coach Michael Bisping when he insinuates that the reason he loss was that Bisping pushed him too hard in training.  Obviously, this doesn’t go over well and it will be interesting to see how this drama progresses in the show.

-  I have to say that Pague and Gaudinot put on a spirited little fight.  It was an entertaining scrap as each fighter traded crisp combinations with some of the best technique we’ve seen on TUF.  Pague looked especially impressive with his knees and clinch work.  Pague continued the domination into the second where he was just too good for Gaudinot.


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