The Ultimate Fighter 14: Episode 3 Recap

We are three episodes in on this season of The Ultimate Fighter and already I am enjoying it immensely over last season.

On to the recap:

- Team Miller sets the tone as "Mayhem" Miller breaks out pool noodles and has his team whack each other.  Weird.

- Michael Bisping retaliates from Team Miller’s precious prank by stripping Miller’s tires from his Dodge Charger and putting them in his dressing room.  It’s actually pretty funny,

- The contract between the two teams is highlighted in the juxtaposition of Team Miller (lighthearted and fun) and Team Bisping (intense and all business).

-  In fact, drama arises on Team Bisping as Diego Brandao and Marcus Brimage get into a heated argument while sparring prompting Brandao to threaten to kill Brimage.  Eventually, Bisping is able to talk sense into the teammates but it’s clear that there is some animosity brewing below the surface between the two.

-  Akira Corassani quickly emerges as this season’s marquee personality.  Some of his antics include letting teammates throw flower pots at his head while he’s in the pool, sliding into the pool with a thong, and letting the housemates rack him in the balls with billiards.  I wish I was making that last statement up.

-  Corassani also emerges as the house prankster as he fills his roommate’s gloves and training gear with random crap like marshmallows and birdseeds.

-  Johnny Bedford (Team Miller) gets selected to face Josh Ferguson (Team Bisping) in the season’s first bantamweight fight.  Ferguson ups the ante by unraveling a note that says “F**k you Bedford” on it.  Needless to say Bedford was none too happy about this and one of the most intense face-offs you will ever see takes place between the two.

-  Quote from Bedford, “I’m going to break you kid.”  I think this pretty much sums up the tension of the situation.

-  It’s soon revealed that Bedford is suffering a small injury to his right hand.  Obviously, this is to set even more gravity to the fight.  Meanwhile, Ferguson looks like a tough SOB in training.

-  Dustin Neace reaches his limits with Corassani’s pranks and dumps a whole container of birdseed on Corassani’s bed.  Corassani gets pissed, which is sort of ironic, and a heated exchange of words and threats ensues.

-  It comes to light that John Dodson has informed Team Bisping of Bedford’s injury despite Dodson being on Bedford’s team.  Apparently, Dodson along with Ferguson, Louis Gaudinot, and Diego Brando have formed some clique called Team Death Leprechaun.”  So, now it appears that Team Bisping has a mole in Team Miller’s camp.

-  Bedford gets the unanimous decision victory over Ferguson.  Ferguson was scrappy but Bedford was more multi-dimensional and used his wrestling to control the pace and placement of the fight.  Though Bedford appeared to be clearly hampered by the right hand, he was able to use his elbows and grappling to gut out the victory.


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