The Ultimate Fighter 14: Episode 2 Recap


It’s Wednesday night, so that must mean The Ultimate Fighter 14 is about to start. This second episode has some shoes to fill, because last week’s show was awesome.

The show starts out with the guys getting acquainted with the 15,000 sq/ft house. After the guys check their schedules, they decide to gorge themselves on food. And not good food either. Bad food with lots of calories. Nothing in this scene is something a fighter should be eating a few days before he has to make weight, save for the grilled chicken.

Whatever, not my problem.

After Miller and Bisping talk among their respective coaches, it’s coin flip time to decide who will pick the first fighter and who will pick the first fight.

Bisping wins the toss and elects to pick the first fighter, which is fine by Miller. Miller believes it’s best to pick match-ups and keep control, rather than pick the perceived best fighter.

Team Bisping
Bantamweights (135lbs)
- Louis Gaudinot
- TJ Dillashaw
- John Albert
- Josh Ferguson
Featherweights (145lbs)
- Diego Brandao
- Akira Corassani
- Marcus Brimage
- Stephen Bass

Team Miller
Bantamweights (135lbs)
- John Dodson
- Johnny Bedford
- Dustin Pague
- Roland Delorme
Featherweights (145lbs)
- Dennis Bermudez
- Bryan Caraway
- Dustin Neace
- Steven Siler

Dana White reiterates that the best knockout, submission, and fight, will all get an extra $25,000 dollars at the finale, and that it is possible for fighters to double up on these awards.

And now it’s training time. Both Miller and Bisping seem genuinely excited and happy to be coaching these guys toward their road to the UFC. I’d say, judging by what they showed, that Miller is teaching his guys better techniques and seems more excited to be doing it, but that could just be the cameramen.

It’s fight pick time and Miller chooses Bryan Caraway to take on Marcus Brimage.

But Brimage had a problem. They weighed him and he was at 157lbs. The limit for featherweight fighters is 146lbs. He was worried, but Bisping and his coaches had no fear he’d make weight. The came over the night before weigh-ins and had Brimage run some laps. Then they poured some salt in warm water, had Brimage sit in it for 20 minutes, then wrapped him in 3 blankets to make him sweat in his bed, then repeated the whole process to make him shed weight.

Turned out it worked. Both guys made weight at 145lbs.

As the stare down is going on, Team Bisping erupts in a lame jingle or song. At first it was sorta funny, but it quickly turned disrespectful, and that pissed off Caraway. Then Brimage screamed like a banshee or woman right in his face. He probably wanted to fight Brimage in the house later that night.

Brimage says he’s exciting and likes to deal out ass-whippings. Caraway wants to take this to the ground.

But this is MMA, and we all know talk is cheap. They will have to prove themselves in the cage. Caraway has an 8 inch reach advantage and he’s the superior grappler. Brimage has great striking, but he’ll have to keep it standing. We are about to find out…

Bryan Caraway vs. Marcus Brimage (Featherweight Bout)

The first round goes pretty much exactly how Caraway wanted it to go. After some feeling out, he shot in, took a shot, but finished the takedown. After trading some shots on the ground against the cage, Caraway took Brimage’s back never really let it go. He locked on a body triangle and was constantly looking for a Rear Naked Choke submission. But the entire time he was looking for it, Brimage was landing some nice shots. Several met there make solid, and damaged Caraway. Caraway almost had the choke sunk in a couple of times, but credit Brimage with good defense.

In the second round Brimage came out to knock Caraway out. He did land some nice shots, a real good knee when Caraway shot, and even some vicious uppercuts when he stuffed a few takedowns. But he wasn’t listening to Bisping, and was eventually taken down again. And much like the first round, Caraway wouldn’t let go, eventually flattened him out, and quickly sunk in a Rear Naked Choke. And that’s all she wrote. Brimage was forced to tap.

Caraway advances to the next round.

Team Miller – 1 , Team Bisping – 0


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