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The Ultimate Fighter 14 Episode 10 Recap

The end his here, tonight’s Ultimate Fighter 14 episode is the seasons tenth and final episode. It’s been a very exciting season inside the Octagon between the bantamweights and featherweights. The final two semifinal bouts take place tonight with a spot in Saturday’s finale on the line.

Things start-up with the team Miller training session and Johnny Bedford discussing that he is perfectly fine with fighting his teammate. Miller decides that the fighters can choose which assistant coach they want in their corner and he’ll sit back and watch.

135 lbs.: Johnny Bedford vs. John Dodson

Round one: Bedford misses his first takedown attempt and the speed of Dodson is showing in the early going. Bedford is bleeding from the noise and grabs a clinch that results in some solid knees. Just passed the halfway point in the round and Bedford scores a takedown but Dodson quickly scrambles and gets up. Dodson ends the round strong with a brief takedown of his own.

Round two: The two come out throwing to open the round and like the first round it’s Dodson getting the better shots off first. After Bedford lands a good punch Dodson follows with a left that drops Bedford. Dodson follows that up with some hammerfists and fight is over.

John Dodson wins by 2nd round TKO

After hearing both coaches talk about their fighter in the next match up, the Diego bs. Bryan matchup maybe should have called the battle of head cases.

At the weigh-ins Bisping is very confident and asks Miller is he wanted to make a little side wager, so the two bet $100 on their guy.

It’s the last night in the house and the fighters (except Diego and Bryan) party. Miller shows up with his coaches and joins in on the fun. Unfortunately Diego and Bryan have a fight the next day and cannot participate in the party.

145 lbs.: Diego Brandao vs. Bryan Caraway

Round one: Diego doesn’t come out as wild and balls out like in his past fights. Caraway is unsuccessful on his early takedowns but is surprisingly landing a couple good shots. Diego lands a big left that stuns Caraway; he then flies in with a knee that put Caraway on his back. For the next minute Caraway is just getting destroyed, yet has not gone out. After getting back to his feet they clinch but Caraway has nothing left and ends up on his back where Diego ends the fight with a left hand.

Diego Brandao wins by 1st round KO

On Saturday in the TUF 14 finale Coaches Jason “Mayhem” miller and Michael Bisping will finally get their chance inside the octagon. In the featherweight final John Dodson (Team Miller) will take on T.J. Dillashaw (Team Bisping), while in the bantamweight final it’s Diego Brandao (Team Bisping) vs. Dennis Bermudez (Team Miller).

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