Complete Ultimate Fighter 13 Episode 9 Recap


With the episodes title “Then it turned ugly” and opening preview, you had to know that tonight’s episode of The Ultimate fighter was going to get ugly at some point.

Zach Davis is pleased with fighting Chuck O’Neil again after already submitting him quickly in the opening round. He plans to mix it up and show the UFC his standup game this time around (guess he didn’t remember what happened to Shamar Bailey). Junior dos Santos though thinks Zach will use his BJJ and submit Chuck once again.

At the house Chuck talks about his plan on giving Charlie Rader half of his 5k win bonus to help him out back home but Charlie doesn’t want to take it. In training Chuck plans to strike with Zach and Team Lesnar hopes for a different outcome.

Fight #1 – Chuck O’Neil from Team Lesnar takes on Zach Davis from Team Dos Santos.

Round one: Chuck comes out swinging on Zach and is landing some really good shots right out the gate. This causes Zach to look for the takedown, which is defended nicely by Chuck. Up against the cage for too long the referee steps in to break them a part. Chuck buckles the lead leg of Zack with a kick to the outside of the knee. Chuck lands an overhand right that hurts Zack and rushes in, smelling blood in the water. Chuck lands a few more shots forcing Zach to look for a way out with a takedown attempt. Chuck backs up to the cage and stuffs the takedown, punching the side of Zach’s face with hammerfists. With 30 seconds left they break and Chuck hurts Zach again and opens up with a flurry but the bell sounds before he can finish.

Zach’s face it beaten up pretty good and he has a cut under his left eye.

Round two: Both fighters look tired to start the round but Zach looks the worse. Chuck kicks the lead leg of Zach again and he stumbles down to the canvas but is let back up by Chuck. Zack goes for another takedown but Chuck muscles the tired fighter down and lets him up after landing a few shots. After the referee separates the two against the cage, Chuck continues to chop at that lead leg not allowing Zach to get close. As time winds down Zach goes for one last takedown attempt and comes up empty as the fight comes to an end. Chuck O’Neil wins the fight by unanimous decision and moves onto the semifinals.

Zach suffered two torn retina's in his fight with Chuck

Zach is very upset with the loss but Chuck was a different fighter this time around and Team Lesnar should get lots of credit for working with their fighters on takedown defense. The quarterfinal fights have shown the improvement in this aspect and the results to boot.

Back at the house chuck talks with some of the fighters about how tough Zach was in the fight. Zach comes back from the hospital after having his eyes checked out following the fight. Sadly he tore his retina in both eyes and they needed to do laser surgery right there to fix the injury. Even more depressing is that once you have a torn retina it’s easy to do it again so the doctor told him he cannot fight again, ever. Obviously bummed by the news, Zach tries to come to grips with the news of never fighting again.

Fight #3 – Tony Ferguson from Team Lesnar takes on Ryan McGillivray from Team Dos Santos.

Round one: The two open the fight looking to get a feel for their range throwing some strikes. Tony lands a solid inside leg kick to Ryan’s lead leg, Ryan comes into and Tony counters with a left uppercut to the chin. The clean shot staggers Ryan backwards and to the canvas where Tony runs into finish his man off. Ryan is unable to defend himself and the referee stops the fight just like that. Tony Ferguson advances to the semifinals with a first round TKO.

Team Lesnar now has three fighters left and in the semifinals compared to just one for Team Dos Santos.

Semifinal matchups are announced and in fight #1 Chris Cope will take on the lone Team Dos Santos fighter Ramsey Nijem. In fight #2 you have Team Lesnar fighters, Chuck O’Neil and Tony Ferguson facing off.

Tony is lucky to still be in the competition

Back at the house it’s time to celebrate by drinking too much! All is fun and games in the house until Charlie pours a drink on the head of Tony, who then chases Charlie and tackles him over the couch and into the table. Tony sticks his elbow into the neck of Charlie who still thinks the two are playing around. Tony clearly is not though and things go too far when he begins to bring up Charlie’s kid that he hasn’t seen in over a year. The housemates do a great job of keeping the two apart, saving Tony from being kicked off the show. The damage has been done though and the entire house now looks at Tony differently.

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