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Ultimate Fighter 13: Recap of Episode 2

This week’s episode jumps right into training sessions between each team, starting off with Team Dos Santos. Looking like a scene right out of a movie, Team Dos Santos fighters dawned gas masks during training. Keon Caldwell is noticeably struggling in training and the coaches see it clear as day, he is talking about having a hard time being away from the family.

The fighters of Team Lesnar are working heavily on wrestling but as Lesnar would say “you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit.” Sticking with his feces theme Lesnar also say that “you can’t polish a turd and make it shiny.”

The next morning Caldwell pulls Dos Santos aside and says that he wants to be there but he also wants to be home with his daughter, “if that’s possible?” Obviously Dos Santos is shocked that he’s want to leave and give up such an opportunity so he tries to talk him out of it. In steps in Dana White to talk with Caldwell and see if he really wants to be here. Caldwell tells him he does want to be there and it appears that both Dana White and Junior Dos Santos have talked him off the ledge…..for now!

Fight announcement:Javier Torres (Team Dos Santos) vs. Chris Cope (Team Lesnar)  

Team Dos Santos Coach Lew Polly has actually trained with Chris Cope and thinks he knows his strengths and weakness, giving Torres everything he’ll need to win the fight. Lesnar doesn’t seem very confident in the fight match up but I’m sure he’ll give his team a turd reference to hype them up.

During training Lew Polly works Caldwell pretty hard in training and if you didn’t see this coming it’s time to kick yourself as Caldwell once again pulls Dos Santos aside and this time officially quits the show. (two shows down / two fighters out)

Fight Time

Round one: Torres opens up with a combo that backs Cope up against the cage and the fighters clinch up. The majority of the round would be spent in the clinch with dirty boxing and knees being exchanged by both fighters. Torres does cut Cope under the left eye with one of those knees plus gets a brief takedown with a sweep. Round looks to be won by Torres

Round two: Right into the clinch the two fighters go and as they release Torres lands a left / right combo with his elbows to the face of Cope. Both fighters seemed to have opened things up in this round after a slow opening round. Torres throws a superman punch and follows it up with a nice leg kick. The two are still dancing an awful lot in the clinch going back and forth along the cage. The round comes to an end in the clinch and who won the round is really up in the air and dependent on what the judges think they saw.

Judges call it a draw and we are going to a third round.

Round three: Yes the two clinch again! Torres fails in another sweep attempt but quickly recovers and gets back to his feet. Torres is looking really tired while Cope seems to be high on adrenaline and ready to go another five minutes. Like the previous two rounds most of the final round is spent in the clinch but this time around Cope is getting the better of the clinch. The fight ends and the judges give the round and fight to Team Lesnar’s Chris Cope.

Chris Cope defeats Javier Torres to advance to the next round.

“Chicken Salad out of chicken sh*t”

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