Ukrainian Soccer Player Saves Unconscious Opponent's Life (Video)


Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk midfielder Jaba Kankava saved Dynamo Kiev player Oleh Husyev’s life when he used his fingers to remove Husyev’s tongue from his airway after he was knocked unconscious.

During the game, Husyev took a knee to the head from the Dnipro goalie. Though the game continued, Kankava sensed that something was wrong and stopped playing to check on Husyev.

Kankava flipped Husyev on his back and pulled his tongue from his throat so he could breath again. Other players and first responders soon came to Husyev’s aid.

Husyev regained consciousness just before he was taken away on a stretcher.

The player was treated at a local hospital for a concussion and broken jaw.

Sources: USA Today, NY Daily News


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