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College Basketball: Kentucky Falls on Road vs. Arkansas

It’s not like I’m surprised by it.

I have come to expect road losses the same as I’ve come to expect home wins.

However, that doesn’t stop me from being irreconcilably irate over the listless and half-hearted play of a UK team that would have beaten this same Arkansas bunch by 30 in Rupp.

I’m so mad I can’t see straight.

At least we can add a one-point overtime loss to our growing resume of crappy road play.

Also a trend, the immaculate three-point shooting of guys who suck at three-point shooting. Marshon Powell and Julyess Nobles were a combined 23-73 from behind the arc this season. They went 4-7 tonight.

We let their star go big with Clarke scoring 26 points. Six of those points came on technical free throws and fouls on three-point shots. Seven strait points came on free throws to give Arkansas a one-point lead after the Cats jumped out to a six point lead early in the first half.

We are stupid. The stupidity of DeAndre Liggins really cost us this game. I’m not saying that we’d have been better without him, because he played well when his mouth was shut. However, he starts jawing and the refs don’t take any of it. Watching him with SEC officials makes it obvious that he has a reputation amongst them. He gets far too many calls made against him and not nearly enough in his favor. A stark contrast to the beginning of the season. Just shut the hell up, DeAndre.

We couldn’t hit any of our threes and it seemed like every defensive rebound we went for in the second half slipped out of our hands.

Brandon Knight played a fantastic game, offensively. However, teams are starting to realize that both he and Lamb are susceptible off the drive. That’s why Lamb only logged nine minutes tonight. If you can’t play defense, then you’re not playing at all.

A lot of people are going to start pointing the finger of blame at Cal. He may not be the best bench coach but this loss certainly wasn’t his fault. The lack of effort on the road is squarely on the players’ shoulders. Hopefully, the recruits he brings in next season will know how to win a damn game away from Rupp.

After the picture I’ll tell you what I enjoyed about UK’s performance.


Stop losing games to crappy teams and beat the tar out of Florida and Vanderbilt before you go lose in Knoxville.

I hope Kentucky fans recognize the need this team has for a welcoming environment. Buy SEC tournament tickets and buy tickets to wherever we play in the NCAA tournament. If you don’t, we might as well start looking toward next season.

Go Cats, please stop letting us down.


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