UK Soccer Coach Insults His Players, Lack Of 'Male Genitalia' (Video)

Keith Curle, the manager of the Carlisle United soccer team in the UK, recently skewered his players during an interview.

Curle made his scathing comments to BBC Radio Cumbria (video below) on Monday after his winless team lost to Accrington Stanley 3-1, noted The Telegraph.

Curle stated:

We just had a conversation in there where I'm speaking to the players and the players say, "We’ve got to play people with the" ... how can I say this knowing it's going out on the air .. "with the male genitalia to go out and play." And I said, "Well, I don’t think I can do that because I’d only start with five or six players because I don’t think there are players out there that have got the male genitalia."

The BBC noted that Curle was considering having 50 of the team's supporters insult his players for half an hour.

"They can tell them exactly what they think of them, and they'll have to take it. Supporters can see when people aren't giving everything for the shirt," Curle stated.

Sources: The Telegraph, BBC
Image Credit: BBC Screenshot


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