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College Basketball: Kentucky Humiliates LSU

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Trent Johnson said it better than I ever could during his opening statements to the media after UK laid a beat down on his visiting Tigers.

“I don’t know what you guys want me to say. That was a good, old fashioned ass whooping.”

Yes, Trent, yes it was.

From the tip to the closing buzzer, UK absolutely dominated the Tigers, who were previously 2-0 in conference play. The stingy press that they had employed to help them rise to SEC West prominence all but imploded against the Cats impressive barrage from beyond the three point line.

A defense that only allowed 7 field goals and 23 points in the first halves of their first two SEC games, combined, allowed 14 field goals and 48 points to the Cats in Rupp.

The violent domination shown by UK in the absolute dismantling of the Tigers would be considered a felony in some states.

The Cats capitalized on a huge rebounding advantage and a low turnover total to cruise in a follow up to their destruction of Auburn. The margin was so evident that fan favorite Jarrod Polson recorded three minutes of game time, a number that is unlikely to be repeated for the rest of the season.

The biggest story of the game focuses on another white guy from Kentucky, though. Jon Hood recorded 20 minutes of game action and didn’t do too poorly. He only shot 1-6 from the field but there was a hunger in the way he was playing and he didn’t back away from contact.

UK fans have been begging for someone other than Doron/Terrence to come off the bench and play with a little passion and aggression. I don’t know how long it will take to remedy Eloy’s lackluster play, actually I don’t even know if it’s possible but he’s been terrible this season. If Jon Hood can come in for ten minutes against a quality opponent and give one of our starters a breather then this team can become markedly better.

So this one’s to you, Jon Hood.

LSU was a terrible, but Big Blue Nation desperately hopes that this is a sign of good things to come.

Go Cats


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