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Understanding UFL Player And Agent Compensation

This past Saturday was the last open tryout for the UFL, a minor league football operation going into its second year of existence. From what I have heard from plenty of insiders, the talent at these tryouts has been shockingly strong; a lot of previously undiscovered players have been looking better than more established NFL veterans. However, the odds of an open tryout player actually being offered a contract is stacked extremely against him. That said, what could a player and his agent look forward to should the player be offered a spot on one of the five UFL teams?

For the 2010 UFL season, a player making a UFL team’s roster will earn a salary of $50,000 over a period of eight weeks. And that is pretty much non-negotiable. A nice incentive is that if the player makes the UFL Championship Game, he will receive a bonus of at least $10,000 if he is on the losing team and at least $20,000 if he is on the winning team. And when there are only five teams in the league, those are odds I don’t mind if I am a player.

What about the player’s agent? The agent can actually execute the player’s contract by signing the UFL Player Contract.  As with the NFL, the UFL mandates that the agent receive no more than 3% of the player’s base salary, signing bonus, and performance bonuses. The agent can take his commission through a percentage of the player’s compensation, a flat fee, or an hourly fee, but no matter what, the agent cannot take more than a total of 3%. The UFL team will go ahead and pay the agent his fee if the player authorizes the team to do so.

Someone interested in becoming a UFL certified agent must fill out an agent registration form and submit a fee to the UFL, which will be $250 if that person is already certified by the NFLPA. Besides establishing the right to get agent fees directly from the team, UFL agents get access to player salary figures, waiver wire transactions, and bonus pool compensation information.

This article originally appeared on The Sports Agent Blog


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