MMA Analysis: UFC on Versus 4 Results, Recap


UFC Heavyweight Main Event
Cheick Congo (26-6-2) KO 1 RD Pat Barry (6-3)
Time of the Stoppage:  2:39 round one.

HOLY COW!!!  You knew that a fight between Pat Barry and Cheick Congo would produce fireworks in the cage but who would have ever predicted such an absolute wheels-off finish.  After some tentative minutes where both fighters traded crippling leg kicks, Barry unleashed on overhand right that crumpled Congo.  Barry followed up this assault with some brutal, and I mean brutal punches to Congo’s head as the Parisian looked completely out of it. 

However, despite the impression that Congo was getting his head caved in referee Dan Mirgliotta refused to waive the fight off.  I admit, initially I thought the fight should have been halted as it appeared that Congo was out, but soon the improbable happened.  A clearly wobbled Congo unleashed a vicious uppercut-hook hybrid that explodes on Barry’s jaw putting Barry out cold on the canvas.  It was inarguably the most improbable comebacks I have ever witnessed in any sport. 

UFC Welterweight Fight
Charlie Brenneman (14-2) UD Rick Story (13-4)
Scores:  29-28, 29-28, 29-28

You have to give it to Brenneman.  The Pennsylvania native was a last-minute substitution for Nate Marquardt who was not given medical clearance to fight on Saturday.  Instead of balking at taking on a fighter riding a hot streak like Story, Brenneman jumped at the chance.  Story is a beast of a fighter but he was put in an uncomfortable position on his back as Brenneman used his wrestling to take down Story and do some good work from the guard.  From there the fight was a grueling war of attrition on the ground as both fighters spent most of the night fighting for position.  But it the end it was Brenneman who was just the more active fighter and used his wrestling to out-work Story in route to the upset victory. 

UFC Welterweight Fight
Matt Brown (14-10) UD John Howard (14-7)
Scores: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

Everyone always points to John Howard’s exception Muay Thai striking but early on in his fight it was Brown who was landing the impressive shots on the feet.  I don’t know what was up with Howard but he inexplicably continued to try for numerous takedowns, many of which were unsuccessful.  The result of this game plan was that Howard looked gassed out by the start of the second round.  Brown tried to capitalize but the whole fight seemed to get bogged down with both fighters fatigued.  It was far from exciting and while Brown probably extended his life in the UFC with the win, Howard may find himself on the outs fallowing such a lackluster performance. 

UFC Heavyweight Fight
Matt Mitrione (5-0) TKO RD 2 Christian Morecraft (7-2)
Time of Stoppage:  4:28 Round 2

With two relatively green heavyweights lumbering around the octagon this fight wasn’t going to win any awards for style.  What it did do was show which heavyweight prospect has a brighter future in the sport.  No offence to Morecraft, but he is simply not in the same league with Mitrione.  In fact, throughout the two rounds it was painfully clear that Mitrione was the much more comfortable fighter.  Despite being the bigger man, Morecraft was simply beat to the punch in every facet of the fight eventually succumbing to a brain rattling three punch combo from Mitrione that put Morecraft’s lights out. 


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