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UFC News: St-Pierre v. Silva, Rua v. Griffin, Overeem to UFC

During the post-fight press conference for UFC 134, Dana White talked about the potential match-up between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre.

“I think there’s a couple of other fights out there for him at 185. It’s very clear, Number one, that the fans want to see this fight. And Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva are both getting into a position here pretty soon – first of all, they both only want big fights. But they’re getting into a position here where that fight’s going to make sense…It would be very good business, yes. I honestly believe that there are a couple more fights for Anderson and Georges. And if they both win, honestly I don’t know if there’s a stadium big enough to hold that fight.”

While I agree that there probably isn’t a stadium large enough, I don’t see this as a real fight. I’ve said it numerous times and I’m going to stick to it: Anderson will destroy GSP. I don’t think you fans that want to see this are watching the same fights I am. Silva is crushing people. GSP is taking them to decision. And not only is Silva crushing them, he makes his opponent’s look like amateurs. So if this fight happens, expect much of the same that you witnessed on Saturday.

UFC President Dana White revealed to the press that Forrest Griffin was probably distracted in his fight with Mauricio Rua because his wife was going into labor.

“Forrest is a warrior. He wears his heart on his sleeve. I have so much respect for him for coming and taking this fight in this situation. He knew he was going to be in this situation. He was just hoping – she was supposed to be nine days later. He was just texting with her before he came in here, and she said she thinks she’s ready to go, so I’m leaving tonight and he’s flying home with me tonight… I want to thank him. I appreciate the fact he took this fight. His wife is literally getting ready to deliver their baby in Las Vegas right now. So we’re going to try and get him home as fast as we can.”

Griffin did the UFC a huge favor by taking this fight. He really had nothing to gain by beating Shogun again. But, this loss does set up a #3, if they should decide to go that route.

Fight Night bonuses were $100,000 for UFC 134, and bonuses went to Antonio Minotauro Nogueira for Knockout of the Night and Ross Pearson and Edson Barboza for Fight of the Night. Shockingly there were no submissions on the card. It is kind of odd that there were no submissions, but they should have given two knockout awards. Silva should’ve gotten one because he made Okami look like a rookie.

During a video chat with fans at UStream, Dana White said the UFC “likes the idea” of putting Tito Ortiz in the cage against Rich Franklin. Should both agree to the fight, it could potentially come this year. I’d like to see this fight too, but the loser would be pretty much out of the title picture for their career. Maybe they’ll put it on Fox.

In an interview with Dan LeBetard on ESPN’s Sports Talk 790, Dana White revealed that the UFC are in negotiations with Alistair Overeem. “We’re talking to Overeem. When everything fell apart, you guys heard me come out and say, ‘We can’t do business with these guys the way these guys want to do business,’ meaning his management. Well they’ve changed their opinions on how they can do business with us, so now we can.” Of course they would be talking to him. Despite his last showing against Werdum, he’s still one of the top heavyweights in the world and should be fighting in the UFC.


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