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UFC on FX 4 Round-by-Round Review: Matt Brown vs. Luis Ramos

Round 1: Ramos in control of the Octagon to start, lands a couple of leg kicks as Brown tries to find an opening. Brown lands a leg kick-punch combo, using his varying levels to keep Ramos off balance.

Ramos goes for a takedown, but Brown fights him off pretty easily. Ramos goes for the trip, but turns it into a takedown and lands on top of Brown, switching to take his back, but allowing Brown to stand back up. Brown looking more uptempo as Ramos tries to catch him. Brown with a stiff jab that connects, but Ramos fires back with a hook. Brown ducks a jab but eats another. Knee into a trip by Brown, but Ramos keeps his balance. Ramos pushes Brown up against the cage, working to get a body lock. Brown is cut above his eye, likely from an elbow by Ramos. Brown trying to avoid the takedown, and does, as the ref steps in and the whistle sounds.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Ramos

Round 2: Ramos with some big kicks, but Brown fires one back of his own. Ramos powers through, working a single-leg takedown. Ramos still with control of Brown, but is able to avoid the takedown attempt. Ramos connects with a kick-strike combo, as Brown comes back and lands some big knees inside the clinch. Blood pouring from the nose of Ramos after those knees to the face, as Brown looks fresh and ready to attack. Elbow to the face by Brown, as Ramos misses with some wild attempts. Brown hitting several punches without much covering by Ramos, including another elbow to the face. Knees to the by Brown and Ramos looks hurt. Brown with several big punches, followed by another knee and a trip. Ramos being thrown around the cage by Brown, but is able to grab ahold of him and halt the attack. More powerful clinch knees by Brown, Ramos eating several uppercuts and the ref steps in to call the bout despite both men still on their feet. No idea how Ramos remained on his feet, as Brown was hitting him with everything.

Matt Brown def. Luis Ramos via TKO (strikes) at 4:20 of round two

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