UFC on FX 3 Round-by-Round Review: Seth Baczynski vs. Lance Benoist


Round 1: Benoist goes for a guillotine but too high on the choke as Baczynski slips out. The two clinch before Benoist gets a quick inside trip, ending up in Baczynski's guard. Baczynski controlling his posture well as he posts his arm on the mat and tries to get to the feet. Benoist throws a knee before Baczynski was able to get to his feet. Referee Chris Adams breaks up the two for an illegal strike and issues a warning. Benoist leaps on his opponent, going from a head and arm choke from the guard on a standing Baczynski. Now goes for a takedown but ends up on the bottom as Baczynski lands a few glancing blows on the ground. A couple of upkicks keeps "The Polish Pistola" at bay. Baczynski may have stolen the round, ending up on top position at the bell.

Fightline scores the round 10-9 for Benoist

Round 2: The two exchange and end up in a clinch. Baczynski goes for a double and Benoist clips him with another illegal knee. No points appear to be deducted however. Another nice double leg takedown for Benoist who looks to work the ground and pound. Now landing some shots as Baczynski was looking for the armbar. Rangy legs from Baczynski go for a couple upkicks. Another submission attempt leaves him susceptible to strikes as Baczynski now showing some damage over his left eye. The two get to the feet before Baczynski gets out of a takedown attempt as is now on top for the first time in the fight. Not much doing from Benoists' guard though.

Fightline scores the round 10-9 for Benoist

Round 3: Both guys end up in the clinch and Baczynski gets in the Thai clinch and lands a few knees. One that lands clean and opens up Benoist. The two scramble and Benoist gets another takedown. A few elbows that get blocked from Baczynski and he looks to punctuate this round. Baczynski controls his posture well, prompting a standup from the ref. Baczynski hunting now as he throws Benoist to his back and gets in side control.

Fightline scores the round 10-9 for Baczynski

Seth Baczynski defeated Lance Benoist via split decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28).

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