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UFC on FX 3 Round-by-Round Review: Buddy Roberts vs. Caio Magalhaes

Round 1: Buddy Roberts drops Magalhaes with a right hand and comes charging in with a couple more strikes. Magalhaes already rattled as he continues backing up against the American. Magalhaes goes for a double but transitions to a single. Roberts having none as he remains on the feet against the cage. Magalhaes continues going for the takedown and for good reason. Looked very uncomfortable on his feet against an aggressive Roberts. Magalhaes goes for a trip but gives up his back momentarily. The two back on the feet again. Both fighters giving each other a lot of distance and swinging with one or two big punches. Neither middleweight setting things up a lot on the feet.

Fightline scores the round 10-9 for Roberts

Round 2: Roberts swings for another big right but glances off the Brazilian. Magalhaes grabs a kick before attempting the takedown. Exerting a lot of energy in the clinch as Roberts continues to defend nicely. Continues to go for a double leg before Roberts gets some distance and moves back to the feet. Magalhaes breathing heavily as he gets clipped by another right coming in on an exchange. Another one-two from Roberts that lands on the temple. Roberts now getting creative as he ends a combination with a flying knee that doesn't quite get through. Looking more and more comfortable as we head to the third.

Fightline scores the round 10-9 for Roberts

Round 3: Magalhaes goes for a few leg kicks that find Robert's thigh. Not too many combinations thrown here. Backing down Roberts now who may be cruising to the finish at this point. Magalhaes with another takedown attempt and finally gets it. Roberts able to get back to his feet before getting taking to the mat again. Magalhaes in Roberts guard and will need to let loose here. Roberts gets his hips out and hits Magalhaes with another right hand in the standup. The Brazilian looking fatigued as he plods along the Octagon.

Fightline scores the round 10-9 for Magalhaes

Buddy Roberts defeated Caio Magalhaes via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Roberts moves to 12-2 as he looked far more comfortable than his opponent in their Octagon debut.

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