UFC On Fuel TV: Stefan Struve vs. Dave Herman Round-by-Round Breakdown


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Round 1: They touch gloves and Herman takes the center. Herman working leg kicks, both to the inside and outside. Struve tries for a head kick that Herman takes on the arm. Struve with his back to the fence, not much movement by either man. Herman landing more on the feet so far and avoiding Struve's reaching counters.

Herman tags Struve up with three straight shots. Struve surprisingly inactive, allowing Herman to get inside on him and land hard punches. Struve landing kicks, but not working his massive reach advantage as well as he could be. Struve with a long right hand that touches Herman. Herman goes for a jumping round kick that misses. The action has boiled down to Struve walking forward with a pawing, open-handed left and Herman backing him off with push kicks. Herman catches a kick and returns with a right.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Herman

Round 2: Herman fires off a hard leg kick. Struve closes the distance and takes Herman down, landing in full mount. Herman scrambles out, avoiding Struve's attempt to take and hold his back and fighting to his fight. Herman going to the body with punches and attacking the legs with kicks. Struve lands a hard body kick, but his shots come one at a time as he plods forward.

Herman gets off with a multi-punch combo and then lands a body kick of his own. Struve working some leg kicks himself now. Struve touches Herman with a few straight shots that put him on his heels and swell up his face. Herman circling away as Struve comes after it. Struve knocks Herman to the mat with a slick uppercut that he times off of an inside leg kick and follows him down, taking full mount. Over a minute to go and Struve is pounding away at Herman. Herman can do little more than cover up and the referee stops the fight.

Stefan Struve defeated Dave Herman via TKO (strikes) at 3:52 of round 2

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