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UFC On Fuel TV: Ivan Menjivar vs. John Albert Round-by-Round Breakdown

The following was from our live coverage of UFC On Fuel TV 1. To access our full coverage, click here.

Round 1: A glove touch and Albert immediately goes in for a kick. These two are at it right away, both throwing hard with a varied attack. Both defending well. They clinch briefly and Albert gets in some body shots that make Menjivar wince. Menjivar fires off a spinning back fist that Albert barely dodges. Menjivar drags Albert to the mat; Albert immediately active, rolling for several submissions. He gives up position on an omoplata attempt and eats some hard hammerfists for it. Albert back on the attack, transitioning from sub attempt to sub attempt.

They both threaten with leg locks. Menjivar spins out and briefly takes a turtled Albert's back. Menjivar nails Albert with some hard shots as he gets to his feet, but Albert comes right back with a head kick that stuns him. Albert pouring it on with strikes; Menjivar is hurt and withering. Albert strikes what looks like an illegal knee, but the ref doesn't catch it. Albert goes for a guillotine, but Menjivar defends and takes top position. Menjivar takes his back and flattens him out, pounding on him a bit before slapping on the rear naked choke and forcing Albert to tap.

Ivan Menjivar defeated John Albert via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:45 of round 1

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