UFC on FUEL TV 6 Round-by-Round Review: Thiago Silva vs. Stanislav Nedkov


Our co-main event is up next, as light heavyweights Thiago Silva (14-3) and Stanislav Nedkov (12-0) square off. We've had seven fights and seven decisions so far. The referee will be Steve Perceval.

Round 1: No touch of gloves extended by Silva after Nedkov tries to. Quickly, Nedkov powers Silva back against the fence. Silva goes for a knee but slips and now Nedkov tees off with several body blows. Silva gets off the cage and the two square back off. Thunderous kick to the leg of Nedkov that buckles him in his tracks. Nedkov goes right back for a takedown, holding Silva against the cage. Nedkov misses on an uppercut but drops for another takedown, and he is back to hold Silva vs. the fence. Silva with a nice knee to the body, and Nedkov answers with his own knee to the body. More clinch work, and Nedkov goes back to keeping Silva pinned against the fence.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Nedkov

Round 2: Silva lands a low blow, and we have a break just seconds into the round. Nedkov is ready and they square off. Silva going to the jab, landing a nice left. Nedkov, again, bullies Silva into the fence and has control of the fight. Nedkov drops levels, attempting a takedown that Silva is fighting off nicely. Plenty of restlessness by the fans, and Silva, at this point, as Nedkov continues to hold him against the fence. Nedkov feels he was hit low, but the ref orders them to fight on, not seeing the blow. Nedkov, again, forces Silva against the fence. Just not a lot of action from these two as we approach one minute to go in the round. Another outside leg kick buckles Nedkov, but he answers with an overhand right that drops Silva as the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Nedkov

Round 3: Nedkov looking for another huge overhand right as Silva seems unable to defend that strike. Silva lands a kick this time, and a straight left and Nedkov throws a wild right and appears injured. Silva with a takedown as it looks exhausted. Silva into the mount, landing a huge right to the face of Nedkov. It looks as though Nedkov was only interested in landing his overhand right, and Silva telegraphed it after about the sixth one in the first minute of action. Elbows to the face of Nedkov by Silva, who is working for a head-and-arm choke. Silva pulls Nedkov away from the fence and gets the submission, handing Nedkov his first career loss.

Thiago Silva def. Stanislav Nedkov via submission (head-and-arm choke) at 1:45 of Round 3

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