UFC on FUEL TV 5 Round-by-Round Review: Stefan Struve vs. Stipe Miocic

We've arrived at the main event, as heavyweights Stefan Struve (24-5) and Stipe Miocic (9-0) attempt to position themselves in the Top-5 of the UFC's biggest division. The third man inside the Octagon will be Herb Dean.

Round 1: Miocic peppering some leg kicks, as he works to figure out the reach and length of Struve. Pair of quick jabs by Miocic, as Struve lands a left. Body shot by Miocic, who seems to not be having any issues with the size of Struve. Overhand right by Miocic, as Struve pushes him off. Inside leg kick by Struve, who ducks an uppercut by Miocic.

Struve lands a kick, but is unable to hit the flying knee. Knee to the body by Struve almost catches Miocic's chin. Miocic fires off a pair of nice rights that connect. Miocic takes a knee, lands a takedown, but allows Struve back up as he wants to avoid the ground game of Struve. Straight left lands by Miocic, who ducks and goes to the body. Left-right combo to the body by Miocic. Knee to the body by Struve, but he's unable to follow up. Under 30 seconds in the first round, and Struve lands a leg kick.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Miocic

Round 2: Struve more aggressive this round, lands a big kick. Miocic catches a kick to the groin, but is fine to continue. Miocic lands a combo to the chin, and another series of strikes. Miocic has his timing down, as Struve tries to take the fight to the ground. Struve picking some nice jabs off, working his rights and lefts. Struve catches Miocic taking a second off and lands a big right. Struve firing and chasing, as Miocic looks hurt. Struve with an uppercut and Miocic appears to have his bearings back. Body shot by Miocic, but the uppercut misses. Again, Struve hurts Miocic with a strike of his own. Miocic clocks Struve with a right, but Struve regroups and is back on the attack. Combo connects by Miocic. Six unanswered strikes by Struve all land to the face of Miocic. Struve connects and finishes Miocic standing with a series of uppercuts.

Stefan Struve def. Stipe Miocic via TKO (strikes) at 3:50 of Round 2

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