UFC on FUEL TV 5 Round-by-Round Review: Andy Ogle vs. Akira Corassani

Back to the featherweight division next, as Andy Ogle (8-1) battles Akira Corassani (11-4). The referee will be Marc Goddard for this battle between former Ultimate Fighter competitors.

Round 1: A lot of feeling out early, as both men are making their Octagon debut in front of a large crowd. Corassani lands with a right, comes in with a kick and eats a left by Ogle. Big hook misses by Ogle, who is looking for a jab-hook combo to finish this thing. Corassani gets inside and lands head-head-body.

Ogle catches Corassani with a nice left to the chin, which drops Corassani and Ogle pounces. Ogle working for damage, but Corassani is able to get to his feet. Several body blows by Corassani gets Ogle off him for now. Spinning kick by Corassani connects, as does a big right that causes Ogle to run away. Corassani switching levels nicely, coming in and out much better than Ogle. Stiff right lands by Corassani, as does a left. Nasty swelling forming over eye of Ogle.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Akira Corassani

Round 2: Ogle doing a much better job of changing levels, going to the body and then the head. Ogle catches Corassani coming in, causing him to pull out. Corassani fends off takedown attempt by Ogle. Overhand right by Ogle just misses. Corassani goes for a head-kick but Ogle blocks it, and fights off a takedown attempt. Just under three minutes to go, and Ogle misses on an uppercut. Quick exchange and it's Corassani with the advantage. Corassani counters and connects, but Ogle gets a takedown. Ogle attempts to take the back, but unable to get there and goes back to controlling the head. Ogle tightening his grip, but can't get the finish and ends the round with several big blows before Corassani lands a punch that drops Ogle. Upon replay, Corassani's punch was after the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Ogle

Round 3: Both fighters staying outside, but Corassani lands a kick that drops Ogle and allows him to take control. Corassani attempts a switch, but Ogle takes the back and goes to lock up Corassani. Three minutes remain, as both fighters likely believe this round could decide things. Ogle controlling the right arm and attempting a crucifix. Ogle landing some solid blows to the head as he continues to hold Corassani down. Just over a minute to go and this round has been all Ogle. Vicious elbows by Ogle to the head of Corassani. Blood coming from the face of Corassani now after all the strikes by Ogle. Corassani has been in this modified crucifix position for over two minutes now, taking punch after punch. A rear-naked choke attempt by Ogle is unsuccessful, but he goes right back to pounding on Corassani.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Ogle

Akira Corassani def. Andy Ogle via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

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