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UFC on FUEL TV 4 Round-by-Round Review: Mark Munoz vs. Chris Weidman

It's time for the main event, as middleweights Mark Munoz (12-2) and Chris Weidman (8-0) do battle inside the Octagon. Both men feel ready to challenge UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, which should make this an nteresting contest between the former college wrestling standouts. Munoz enjoying his walk to the Octagon, smiling, dancing and shaking hands on his way down the aisle. He looks very relaxed and ready to go.

The referee in charge will be Josh Rosenthal.

Round 1: Plenty of pre-fight respect for these former wrestlers, not quite the same as Silva-Sonnen II from this past weekend. Weidman with a kick that glances off the face and proceeds to shoot in, scoring the takedown. Weidman in control on the mat less than a minute in. Munoz working to get to his base as Weidman goes to the back. Weidman snaps around for a hold of the neck, and powers Munoz down with a headlock.

Weidman going for a guillotine, but is unable to lock it and lands some elbows to the face. Now, Weidman seeking an armbar as Munoz tries to hold on. Series of short elbows by Weidman. Munoz in trouble as Weidman attempts a guillotine from the top position, continuing to crank on the neck. Weidman back to the top mount, but Munoz gets out by taking the backdoor escape. Before Munoz can get to his feet, Weidman is on top and back in control.

FightLine scores the round 10-8 for Weidman

Round 2: Munoz comes out hot, but Weidman shoots in and gets another takedown, winning the scramble between the ex-NCAA standouts. Weidman going back to working the neck as Munoz seems frustrated by his lack of chances. Munoz just misses after getting out on a big strike. Munoz looking to turn this into a striking match now, just missing with a huge right. Munoz loses his balance and Weidman attacks, landing so many blows that blood starts to pour from the head of Munoz and the ref is forced to step in and stop things. An elbow from Weidman caught Munoz coming in and led to the finish for "The All-American."

Chris Weidman def. Mark Munoz via TKO (strikes) at 1:37 of round two

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