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UFC on FUEL TV 4 Round-by-Round Review: James Te Huna vs. Joey Beltran

A returning Joey Beltran (14-7) competes at light heavyweight against James Te Huna (14-5) in our co-main event of the evening. The third man inside the Octagon will be Jason McCoy.

Round 1: Beltran right after Te Huna, who answers right back as both men are looking for a knockout. Te Huna a quick right that connects after a nice body shot. Big uppercut misses, but Te Huna pushes Beltran against the cage and starts hitting him with lefts and rights. Beltran answers and they return to the center of the cage. Te Huna working the lead leg of Beltran with kicks, and follows with a stiff right. Overhand right misses by Te Huna, who comes back with a big left hook.

Te Huna picking Beltran apart right now, but Beltran answers with a kick to the body. Right followed by a series of lefts and rights connect by Te Huna, but Beltran still standing. Te Huna another right that Beltran can't block. Te Huna unloading again on the cage, landing a solid 1-2 that has Beltran rocked. Beltran keeps throwing punches to stay alive, even hitting a knee inside the clinch before tying Te Huna up against the fence. With over a minute left, Te Huna has connected on 45 significant strikes to Beltran. On a side note, Te Huna looks like a smaller Antonio Silva:) Beltran with a solid combo, but eats a huge left and right, with the right knocking Beltran down to the ground. Te Huna jumps on top of him, punishing Beltran's face with 20 seconds left. Beltran trying to survive, gets back to his feet and eats more punches but the round ends as Te Huna lands about a dozen unanswered strikes.

FightLine scores the round 10-8 for Te Huna

Round 2: If Beltran takes the same punishment this round as the first, he can't possibly survive. Te Huna moving a little slower after landing the most significant strikes in the division in a round on Beltran with 71. "The Mexicutioner" fires off a head kick to try and keep Te Huna at bay, but Te Huna just keeps coming forward. Te Huna gets in close and lands a 1-2 to the chin of Beltran. Te Huna eats a straight jab and Beltran goes for a takedown but Te Huna winds up on top and in a strong position. The ref stands both fighters up and Te Huna begins teeing off again with lefts and rights. Inside leg kick by Beltran as he tries to stick and move against Te Huna now. Body shot by Te Huna with just over a minute to go in the round. Not much action over the final minute until Beltran lands a strike that floors Te Huna as the round ends.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Te Huna

Round 3: Te Huna hits three consecutive rights, but Beltran still standing. Could we be looking at Todd Duffee-Mike Russow 2? Beltran attempting to get a takedown on Te Huna, lifting a leg and landing elbows. Te Huna fires back with a takedown attempt and the two square off. Right by Te Huna and Beltran misses a big combo. Te Huna shoots in and gets on top of Beltran, moving to get control as it appears Beltran is bleeding from his mouth. Beltran gets up but eats a head and body shot for his efforts. Te Huna with a scoop takedown as Kenny Florian calls Beltran "The Terminator" for his ability to walk through Te Huna's strikes. Te Huna is at 117 significant strikes with just under two minutes to go, powering Beltran into the cage. Beltran times a perfect takedown off a kick, trying to work to the mount but Te Huna gets to his knees. Under 50 seconds to go and Beltran needs a finish to secure the victory. Elbow by Beltran connects but not enough behind it. The two finish off the fight trading blows after almost 15 minutes of intense and heavy-handed action.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Te Huna

James Te Huna def. Joey Beltran via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

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