UFC on FUEL TV 3: Alex Soto vs. Francisco Rivera Round-by-Round Review - Opposing Views

UFC on FUEL TV 3: Alex Soto vs. Francisco Rivera Round-by-Round Review

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Round 1: Soto opens with a left head kick that Rivera blocks. Rivera cracks Soto with a right hand counter off of a solid body kick. Soto is hanging tough, fighting for the takedown. Soto is moving away and fighting, but Rivera is wading forward and thumping away. Soto dropped again with a right to the temple, but he goes immediately for the single. Rivera hits him more than defends and ends up on his back. Rivera takes a pair of solid knees as he gets to his feet. Soto backs off, looking for space. He still doesn't have his legs completely back under him. Rivera stalking after Soto. Soto is moving well and giving some offense, but Rivera is clearly landing the more effective strikes as he walks him down.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Rivera

Round 2: Soto still circling away to his right, but Rivera is cutting him off and landing punches. Soto with a solid liver kick. Soto hanging in the exchanges better now, fighting from the outside. Rivera defends a takedown attempt easily. Soto takes a shot to the pills and they break. Rivera catches Soto with a hard right hand again and goes on the attack landing solid blows as Soto hangs in there and eggs him on. Soto tries a jumping kick, but catches Rivera directly in the crotch, forcing another halt to the action. Rivera does damage with an inside leg kick. Soto with a body kick. Rivera drops Soto to the mat with a head kick, but Soto pops back up and beckons him on. Rivera obliges and lands another hard kick, this one to the body, before Soto clears off the cage. Rivera ends the round walking Soto down.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Rivera

Round 3: Soto tries a jumping kick again, but he's way off. Rivera comes in hard but gets taken down when he throws a head kick. Rivera's up in short order. Rivera shucks off another takedown attempt. Rivera scores with a front kick a la Anderson Silva. Rivera gives Soto the stanky leg with a cracking right hand and swarms him with a volley of punches, but Soto somehow hangs in and keeps moving. Two and a half to go. Soto gets in a few punches. Rivera, a late replacement, is clearly tired after his last salvo. Soto still unable to put much together though.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Rivera

Francisco Rivera defeated Alex Soto via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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