UFC on FUEL TV 2 Round-by-Round Review: Simeon Thoresen vs. Besam Yousef


A battle of Scandinavians is up next, with Yousef repping Sweden and Thoresen in for Norway.

Round 1: They end up in the clinch early, with Yousef landing a sequence of solid right hands to the ribs before they separate. Yousef with a lead left hook that cracks Thoresen squarely. Thoresen goes for the takedown, but Yousef defends. Thoresen has the clear reach advantage, but it isn't giving Yousef too much trouble. The Swede is so far able to get inside and land hard shots. Thoresen goes for the single and eventually gets him down with the high crotch, but not after eating multiple short punches. Yousef landing some solid shots from the bottom, but Thoresen seems to be keeping his composure, landing some hard ground and pound from the top. The ref questionably stands them up, where Yousef goes to work with powerful punches. Thoresen goes for the clinch, but ends up taking the worst of it as Yousef counters his sparing knees with hard hooks to the body and uppercuts to the face. Thoresen forcing the clinch as the round closes, but Yousef remains the more effective striker.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Yousef

Round 2: Yousef sticks that left hook again, blanking Thoresen for a moment. Thoresen shoots for the takedown from the outside, but Yousef defends well. Yousef on the attack now, putting Thoresen on his heels with a volley of hard punches. Thoresen lands a short right that wobbles Yousef; he follows him down and tries for a choke. Yousef defends and moves into top control, but Thoresen threatens with a modified guillotine. Thoresen transitioning from slick sub attempts to hard ground and pound, taking Yousef into deep waters as he's forced to defend. Thoresen eventually opens Yousef up for the rear naked choke with some ground and pound, forcing the tap in short order.

Simeon Thoresen defeated Besam Yousef via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:36 of round 2

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