UFC on FUEL TV 2 Round-by-Round Review: Dennis Siver vs. Diego Nunes - Opposing Views

UFC on FUEL TV 2 Round-by-Round Review: Dennis Siver vs. Diego Nunes

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Siver will be making his featherweight debut against Nunes.

Round 1: Siver throwing kicks early and often; Nunes checks most of them. Nunes lunges in with a jab and allows Siver to drag him to the mat. He's to his feet immediately, but takes a punch as he breaks away. Nunes with a spinning back kick. Nunes takes a hard body kick as he tries to close distance. The action is measured; Nunes is able to get off with kicks now, but he gets tagged with counters as he tries to move in with punches. Neither man quite settled in yet, though Siver is getting off with the more effective shots at this point. Nunes grabs the clinch and gets in a few knees before the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Siver

Round 2: Nunes has found a home for his right leg kick repeatedly. A spinning wheel kick glances off Siver's head. Nunes goes for the spinning backfist; Siver ducks it and gets a takedown, but Nunes gets to his feet immediately. Halfway through the round and neither man holding a very clear edge. Nunes gets tagged low and they take a brief break. Nunes overcommits and Siver threatens with the takedown; Nunes keeps to his feet but takes a kick on the forearms as a result. Siver putting it together now. Siver with a spinning back kick that is partially blocked. Siver lands a solid front kick and a left hook that stings Nunes. Siver finishing strong. Nunes falls to the mat on a kick attempt.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Siver

Round 3: They hug to start the round. Both men more eager to engage. Nunes lands some hard leg kicks and a few clean punches, but Siver gets the better of it with hard counters. Nunes sits Siver down with a hard punch, but Siver soldiers onward and stops Nunes from overcoming him in the clinch. The pace slows. Nunes working the Thai clinch again; Siver shucks him off after taking a few glancing knees. The fight remains closely contested, with a slight edge in effectiveness going to Siver. Nunes again grabs the clinch and manages to land a knee that cuts Siver before the German can shuck him off. With a minute left, Nunes staying conservative. Siver drives for the takedown, grating Nunes against the fence. Nunes engages the Thai clinch again and Siver swarms him with hard punches that drop Nunes. Nunes pops up and lands a hard spinning back kick.

FightLine scores the round 10-10

Dennis Siver defeated Diego Nunes via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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