UFC on FUEL TV 2 Round-by-Round Review: Brad Pickett vs. Damacio Page


Our main card opener features a pair of bantamweight scrappers on Pickett and Page.

Round 1: These two waste no time, planting their feet in the center and trading bombs. Pickett knocks Page off balance after catching a leg. Page active from his back, threatenging with an armbar to force the standup. This is turning into a slobberknocker, each man getting in hard shots. Page hits a takedown; Pickett reverses and returns the favor in kind, planting Page on the canvas. Pickett in half guard, working ground and pound. Page is active, but still eating big punches. Page regains guard; Pickett still landing punches. His activity pays off though, as he's squirrely enough to back Pickett off and out of his guard. Page scoring with strikes from the outside, but he gives up a takedown after a failed flying knee. Pickett tags him with a pair of hard punches as Page stands. Another failed flying knee and another takedown see Pickett end the round on top.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Pickett

Round 2: Page denied on a takedown attempt. Pickett goes for a takedown of his own, which Page reverses halfway through. They scramble and reset on their feet, Page getting in a knee before making space. Pickett floors Page with a left hook preceded by a straight right. Pickett follows him down and looks to finish the job, wailing away with ground and pound and pressing Page into the fence. Page is recovering, but Pickett is improving his position to better continue his assault. Pickett pounds Page against the wall but makes a mistake going for the guillotine, allowing Page to defend, reverse and take top position. Pickett turns the tables and now threatens with the takedown himself. Page's face is telling the story of this fight, but there's no quit in him. Pickett is taking him apart on the feet; he drops Page. Pickett takes the back and sinks in the preferred submission of the day: the rear naked choke. Page taps after getting flattened out.

Brad Pickett defeated Damacio Page via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:05 of round 2

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