UFC on FUEL TV 2 Round-by-Round Review: Alexander Gustafsson vs. Thiago Silva


The main event will see Sweden's own Gustafsson welcome Silva back from his yearlong suspension.

Round 1: Silva comes charging out and Gus meets him with a pair of straight punches. Gustafsson drops Silva with a beautiful right uppercut that draws blood. He follows him down but backs out when Silva increases his activity. Gus with another pair of stiff straight shots. Silva has no answer for Gustafsson's reach and timing so far. Gus taking his time and picking Silva apart. Another one-two. Silva manages to close the distance and touch Silva with a right hand. Gustafsson fires off a combo in return and gets caught by another right. Gus keeping Silva at bay with kicks and long punches. A jab-uppercut backs the Brazilian off. Silva spins Gustafsson around with a hard leg kick. Gustafsson with a head kick. Silva's face is bloody and battered, giving a good indication of how the first round went.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Gustafsson

Round 2: Gustafsson lands a few punches from the outside before landing a slick foot sweep to promptly deposit Silva on the floor. He lets Silva up after a brief spell. Gustafsson with a hard right hand. Silva having trouble with Gustafsson's reach, timing and varied attack. Gustafsson tries for the foot sweep again, but Silva defends. Silva scores with another hard leg kick, but Gustafsson backs him up with a multi-punch combo. Silva cracks Gustafsson with a right straight, putting the Swede on his heels. Gus keeps his head and fights back as Silva pursues, keeping clear of real danger. Gustafsson tags Silva against the cage, further damaging his face. Gus with a leg kick. Gustafsson stifling Silva from the outside.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Gustafsson

Round 3: Silva denies the glove touch. Gustafsson goes back to work from range. An early shot draws more blood from Silva's right eye. Gustafsson finding a home for his left uppercut. An overhand right for Silva. Gustafsson with a knee that looks to have caused a hematoma in the center of Silva's forehead. Gustafsson is outclassing Silva, but the Brazilian marches forward. They trade leg kicks. A right hand lands for Gus, though he's mostly coasting at this point. Another knee from the clinch. Gustafsson with a hard right hand. Silva charges forward as the round closes, but Gustafsson stays on his bike and keeps him at bay with counters.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Gustafsson

Alexander Gustafsson defeated Thiago Silva via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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