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UFC on FOX 5 Round-by-Round Review: Benson Henderson vs. Nate Diaz

We've arrived at the main event for the evening, as UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson (17-2) defends his title against Nate Diaz (16-7). Herb Dean will be the referee.

Round 1: No touch of gloves, just some intense, mean-mugging by both fighters. Henderson starts with a kick to the leg, and Diaz throws his hands in the air in typical Diaz brother fashion. Henderson misses on another leg kick, slips and Diaz takes the back, working for a takedown. Nice knee to the body by Diaz, and another, as Henderson switches things up. Diaz with short punches and Henderson with knees to the body inside the clinch.

Now, Diaz with knees to the body. Henderson has under-hooks, looking for a takedown, but Diaz fights it off. Henderson goes for a single-leg, and gets the takedown with a trip as Diaz goes for a submission. Henderson quickly pulls himself out of the reach, looking to land some ground-and-pound. Diaz rolls over and Henderson takes the back, as Diaz gets to his feet. Henderson kicks the lead leg out from under Diaz. Exchange of knees inside the clinch. Henderson avoiding most of the strikes by Diaz, and he ties things up and lands a knee to the body.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Henderson

Round 2: Henderson continues to kick that lead leg out from under Diaz. Henderson with a takedown and unloading on Diaz, who stands up after eating a few punches. Henderson with a vicious knee to the body, and he ties Diaz up. Diaz hints at a guillotine, but doesn't go for it. Elbow to the face by Henderson, who remains in control two minutes into this round. Another elbow from Henderson lands to the head of Diaz. Diaz appears to be backing a little, not quite as hands-down, taunting as usual. Another kick to the lead leg of Diaz by Henderson. Huge left by Henderson drops Diaz, who is covering up on the ground with Henderson throwing bombs at him from all angles. Henderson takes the back, gets a hook in, but Diaz stands back up. Henderson trying a body-lock/trip attempt, but Diaz blocks it. Shoulder to the face by Henderson, who has dominated this round. Another huge left from Henderson connects as we go under a minute. Trip takedown by Diaz, but Henderson quickly gets to his feet, avoiding any damage.

FightLine scores the round 10-8 for Henderson

Round 3: Henderson continues to kick the lead leg out from under Diaz, following up whenever he can. Diaz lands a nice combo, and looks to be throwing his punches with more precision. Henderson gets a takedown and Diaz tries to tie up a leg. Diaz rolls and Henderson takes the back, again, for a brief moment. Another takedown by Henderson, who unloads with a big left-right combo. Diaz pulls guard, looking for a submission, as Henderson moves carefully to advance. Diaz kicking the leg of Henderson from the ground. Henderson drops down and lands an elbow, and Diaz ties him up. Diaz attempting to secure an ankle, and both men go for leg-locks. Henderson gets out of it and takes the back, working for a potential rear-naked choke but is unable to get it. A great scramble by both fighters, and Diaz winds up with the leg again. Henderson is doing the splits, and Diaz throws a middle finger at Henderson, forcing Fox to go away from the action. Henderson floors Diaz again, and moves to attack.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Henderson

Round 4: Henderson back in control, getting Diaz to the mat and working him with punches to the face. Another takedown by Henderson, who moves to side control. Henderson coming down with punches to the body as we approach the two-minute mark. Diaz going for a kimura, but Henderson gets his arm back and lands a hammer-fist to the head of Diaz. All Henderson this round, as he has controlled the action with his wrestling.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Henderson

Round 5: Diaz likely to pull out everything this round, as he has to know he is well behind on the scorecards. Henderson with a wild miss, but pushes Diaz up against the fence. Henderson and Diaz clinched up against the fence, with Diaz obviously looking to get something locked in. Henderson gets the takedown, and the back for a brief moment. Henderson hammering down with rights, lefts and elbows as Diaz covers up. Henderson with more punches to the face, as Diaz stands up. Henderson has landed over 100 more significant strikes than Diaz at this point. Diaz gets a takedown, but Henderson scrambles out and winds up on top. Henderson hammering again to the head of Diaz, hitting him with everything he has. Henderson throws his hands up as we approach 10 seconds, with Diaz taunting him.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Henderson

Benson Henderson def. Nate Diaz via unanimous decision (50-43, 50-45, 50-45) to retain the UFC lightweight championship

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