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UFC on FOX 4 Round-by-Round Review: Phil De Fries vs. Oli Thompson

Phil De Fries vs. Oli Thompson

Round 1: De Fries counters nicely against an agressive Thompson. The two clinch against the cage but nothing doing as De Fries attempting to drop down for the takedown. Referee John McCarthy stands them back up before De Fries initiates the clinch in the same spot and gets the single momentarily but the muscular Thompson gets back to the feet and Big John separates them again. Uneventful first round prompts some boos from the crowd.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for De Fries

Round 2: De Fries unleashes a flurry of punches that down Thompson who has exposed his chin a couple of times this fight. Thompson now turtling up as De Fries lands a series of right hands on the ground. Former strongman Thompson somehow gets up to his feet before getting put in the clinch again. Both release and exchange a series of punches. De Fries now losing up as he lands a knee and a right hand. De Fries catches a leg and secures the takedown. Thompson now turtled up as De Fries tries to get his hooks in. Very defensive position but defending well so far is Thompson. De Fries now gets in the hooks with 50 seconds remaining and locks in the rear naked choke. A quick tap from Thompson ends this strategic fight for De Fries.

Phil De Fries def. Oli Thompson via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:15 in the second round

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