UFC on FOX 3: Roland Delorme vs. Nick Denis Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis


Round 1: These two are off to a quick start, with Denis getting in some nice shots before avoiding a trip attempt. They clinch up against the cage. Denis' striking is very tight and he's landing well, but he gets clipped by a right from Delorme. Denis fires right back, avoids another trip and hits one of his own. Denis shakes off an armbar attempt. Delorme reverses and goes for the takedown, briefly putting Denis down.

Denis gets to his feet and they clinch on the wall. Denis wearing on Delorme with a series of digging right hands. Two hard knees nail Delorme; it's a wonder he's still on his feet. Delorme trying desperately to stay in the clinch. A wobbled Delorme manages to tie Denis up on the ground. Denis backs off and lets him up with a minute to go. Delorme with a nice left counter. Another left lands flush for Delorme. Delorme wobbles Denis with a one-two. Delorme teeing off now, prompting Denis to go after the clinch. Delorme hits a trip and lands in half guard. Delorme slaps on a rear naked choke as Denis rolls, forcing Denis to tap with seconds left. What a fight.

Roland Delorme defeated Nick Denis via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:59 of round 1

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