UFC on FOX 3: Nate Diaz vs. Jim Miller Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

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Miller makes his war walk to the strains of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising." Nate Diaz follows after with Tupac's "Still Ballin'" blaring through the arena.

Diaz denies the glove touch.

Round 1: Miller gets off first with a hard leg kick. Miller walks Diaz to the cage after some back and forth striking. Diaz fighting off his assault and working knees from the clinch. Diaz knocks Miller off balance from the clinch and then lands a body kick. Another leg kick from Miller. Diaz establishing the range on his punches. An inside leg kick lands for Diaz. Diaz walks Miller to the fence behind a one-two. Miller turns him, but Diaz is getting in solid knees from the clinch. Miller goes for the takedown, but Diaz defends, grabs the front headlock and lands a nice knee. Diaz with a hard series of punches to the body. Miller answers with a body kick. Diaz keeping Miller at the end of his punches. He drops Miller with a one-two. Miller goes for a desperation takedown with thirty seconds to go. Diaz spins to take the back, but Miller threatens to reverse and Diaz pops to his feet. Miller gets a takedown and Diaz sweeps him before the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Diaz

Round 2: Miller with a leg kick. Diaz ducks a combo and engages the clinch, walking Miller to the fence. He gets in some solid dirty boxing that Miller answers with short knees. Miller lands a big elbow. Diaz has bloodied Miller's nose. Diaz getting in some nice offense from the clinch, including a powerful knee. Diaz tags Miller after he tries a flying knee. Diaz taunting him, takes a foot to the face and eggs Miller on. Diaz presses him to the cage and works more dirty boxing/short knees. Diaz landing some good knees from the front headlock position. Diaz showing some great clinch work, landing solid punches and knees. Diaz threatens with a foot sweep, then goes after Miller with hard punches. Diaz toying with Miller, tagging him up. Diaz defends the takedown and slaps on a one-arm guillotine. Miller tries to fight it off, but Diaz adjusts and locks it up tighter, forcing the tap. Great performance by Diaz.

Nate Diaz defeated Jim Miller via submission (guillotine) at 4:09 of round 2

Great showing of respect between Diaz and Miller, as well as with Miller's team. Diaz encourages people to buy Miller's shirt, since the proceeds go to the Daniel James Miller Foundation. "Support the cause!"

Diaz shouts out to Gilbert Melendez, calling him the best lightweight in the world.

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